Organic clothing that inspires thoughtfulness & playfulness

Who we are

Cal·lum was created as an initative to live a more conscious and creative lifestyle.

The name is of Scottish origin, named after the brands designer, Callum.

The point (ele geminada) between the l’s represents the influence and inspiration of Catalan, Mediterranean culture.

Our philosophy

Aesthetics with ethics. Atemporal collections. Less is more. Yes is more. Humour is important. We believe in the art of the everyday.

Through design and graphic art, our clothing transmits thoughtfulness & playfulness.

Our production

If you draw the curtain on us you’ll find us screen printing your clothing by hand, with affection and attention to detail.

We design & print each peice of clothing at our artisan atelier in Barcelona.

All of our products are organic and ethically sourced, certified by Organic Standards and Fair Wear.

We create wearable visions of a more conscious world.


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